Sunday, 28 November 2010

Why a guy crush is way better than a normal crush (no homo).

I don't know if it's the huge influx of bromance films in the last few years, or the fact that I've left school and don't care if my peers call me gay anymore, but recently I've been super in to crushing on cool guys. Of course they're all entirely platonic crushes, I'm not saying I want to get to know these guys sexually, I just want to be their friend (even if that last sentence makes me sound like a completely emotional needy loser). Also, just to clarify - there's a difference between guy crushes and guys you just naturally become friends with; you get all the same nervous, awkward hiccups that you do with girls that you're in to with the guy crushes. Natural friends just like, happen. Here's a few reasons why the phenomenon hitting young men around the globe (or maybe just me?) is better than it's dried up, wrinkly precursor; the girl crush.

The potential of a great nickname is just around the corner.
With girls the best that you're gonna get is something like 'babes' or 'puffin' (or something as equally emasculating) but what we really want is killer, status symbol nicknames like 'J-Magic' or 'The Jambonator'. Obviously you'd have to become friends with a bunch of rugby LADS for names like those to materialise, but I'll bet your guy crush will come up with something achingly hip and awesome for you (probably referencing a cult show from the mid 90s or something).

You can start a band together.
Or at least talk about starting a band together for, like, three years, and maybe go practise twice. I'm not saying you can't start bands with girls obviously, just stay away from rocking out with your girlfriend. Other than Tennis and Fleetwood Mac, the majority of husband & wife/ boyfriend & girlfriend bands (The Subways anyone?) have been shit.

You can talk openly about whatever you want.
With normal friends you're never quite sure where the boundary between appropriate banter and 'omigod you're so gay for saying that' lies. With your bromance, male crush, M-mance, or whatever the kids are calling it these days, you don't even have to worry about those niggling little details; you can talk openly about whatever you want - that time you couldn't get it up, how your parents divorce is making you feel, or even how you thought the video of the monkey riding backwards on a pig was mega cute.

Bodily functions don't matter!
In fact I'm sure some of the strongest male bonds in history have started from a mere fart in the classroom or a pronounced burp in the the hallway. *FACT* Costanza and Seinfeld bonded over a particularly wet one that Jerry let out on the first day of filming. Of course this territory is more the stomping ground of natural friendship formation, but hey, it's still hella cool being able to burp and fart around people you have a crush on and not care that they won't want to fuck you.
p.s. that wasn't a fact, don't put it on wikipedia.

You might end up becoming a power-duo.
Like Bill & Ted or Beavis & Butthead. Imagine being the two guys that Mike Judge based B & B on, it would be awesome (only for them clearly, I'm not really on spending all of my time watching Jane's Addiction videos).

Your girlfriend doesn't get jealous when you check out their facebook page.
Girlfriend's eh? Always making snide little quips about how you've been lingering on that girl's 'HOT SUMMER BIKINI PARTY' photo album for far too long. Not really, my girlfriend's not an insane, envious deekazoid, but I'm sure some are. Even with those psychos though you can still peruse the facebook page of your guy crush for however long you wish, in the secure knowledge that no-ones going to tell you to stop it.

The ultimate satisfaction is far greater.
Sure, maybe the culmination of a huge crush on girl will end up in you getting your dick wet, but what's that one-stop pony saying when you could be spending all that time bro-ing out over old video-games, grime MCs and that new band that Pitchfork hasn't even found out about yet. Also, once you've finally nailed that bromance for good you know that they're there to stay. Unless they find out that you were basically stalking them on facebook for a while before you met.

I just found out that the scientific name of this (according to wikipedia) is homosociality. So go cop some of dat shit.

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