Thursday, 6 August 2009

shimmy shimmy ya

moving out of my childhood home in two days, the sanctuary where I've entertained some bad hairstyles (tiger striped fringe/bright green mohican) choice of attire (fisherman's hat/limp bizkit hoody) and dubious listening material (nickelback/crazy town). the actual process of clearing, other than the destruction of sentimental items like the dining room table :(( is pretty sweet. far too many hidden gems tucked away that i havn't seen for years, one of which being a street shark action figure. forget TMNT, street sharks are ( j )awesome (oh dear). what's cooler than four roller-blading, crime fighting sharks?   very little.


Sunday, 2 August 2009

i want

I want to see this film; it looks a bit like wes anderson's take on skateboarding, with rick mccrank holding the reigns rather than owen wilson, which can't be a bad thing. Having bill murray unshaven, smoking a cigarette in the background of at least one frame would have been nice though.
I also want this shirt, but I want don't get and I ain't got the cash to splash.