Wednesday, 29 July 2009

harbour island

A bahamian island that's only about 2 miles long where everyone drives golf carts instead of cars, the sand is pink and the houses are guarded with white picket fences. Kind of like a disney country club but with rum and weed. It's a big money holiday haven and there's obviously a divide between those with p-diddy yachts named something like Jeffzilla or Knight Force and those with a wooden fishing boat - a case that isn't helped by 14 year old yacht kids spewing on the street after the tequila shot their nanny bought them didn't go down too well. The island still hasn't really submitted to the big money aliens who inhabit it for the summer months though; the biggest club there has a basketball court doubling up as a dance-floor and is about the best place to spot the crack-head whose best friend cut his hand off as a joke. Sadly I didn't get a picture with him but there are some other pictures below.


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