Tuesday, 27 October 2009

farming in summer

Day out at Brick Lane with Al, painting and getting accosted by builders, "You can come and do my house mate, all the same colour though!" and a bye bye to Derek's as the sun was setting. R.I.P.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Flyer Hire

Obviously people with flyers are annoying; you're in a rush, you've got bags in one hand and a phone/paper/umbrella (if you're a well-equiped sort of person) in the other. No room for a shitty club night flyer from an over eager girl in bright green stockings and a pink bum-bag. I needed/still do need money however so I've become one of those annoying people thrusting unwanted pieces of card in to your hands. One occasion, outside a Foals gig, I spotted - between the hoards of winklepickers and beginner smokers - a collective of the urchins of live music that are ticket touts. In my new found role as flyer giver out' er I felt slightly higher in the food chain than those who rip off punters, rather than just pestering them, as I was. What I never realised (probably completely naively) is that the touts seemingly work as a team, shouting for each other once they've found someone to massively overcharge and surrounding them in a huddle of whispers and transactions. There is still a glimpse of competition, which on one occasion worked itself up to the tout you see below shouting, "Did you just tell me to fuck off? Cos' I will fucking bleed you!" A bit unnecessary I thought. 

The next session in my new trade lead me to numerous London freshers fayres and the first lot of people who would actively take flyers out of my hand. Of course, trying to offer flyers to a 2nd year is hugely inappropriate, I found this out after a set of disdainful looks and a "Oh, no...we're not freshers thank you." A new and different set of men trying to rip people off were here as well; these were those scumbags who come up and offer girls an entirely 'free' makeover day. This particular guy (who's pictured above) was at both events and picked exclusively on Asian girls who he knew couldn't really understand him both times. Douuuche-chill.