Wednesday, 1 December 2010

TV MILFS that would definitely get it (if I wasn't such a pussy).


Julie Bowen - Modern Family
She is a purfeck; severe and slightly neurotic, but so cute at times that you just want to wrap her up and put her in your trousers. At the risk of sounding like a huge pervert who pillages online message-boards with gross Modern Family fantasies, I'll stop now.

Kelly Rowan - The OC
The OC was full of hot mamas - Marissa's mum was a total babe too - but the Cohen matriarch just snatches away the crown. I'd let her cream cheese my bagel any day.

Mary Louise Parker - Weeds
OMG. WHAT. A. MILF.  And she sells weed. If you'd told me about this angel 5 years ago when I was a skunk baby I would have completely blown my shit.

Lois Griffin - Family Guy
Probably the biggest source for fan drawn sex pictures right here. I don't know what it is about Mrs. Griffin but she seems to be able to transcend the whole fact that she's a drawing, and make her way in to the wet dreams of young men around the globe.

Francine Smith - American Dad
When really Francine is much more of a hottie. GOD DAMN I would nail that shit.

Portia De Rossi - Arrested Development
Get this...Portia's been nailing Ellen DeGeneres for the past 3 years!!! Oh, you already knew? Well imagine the shit that you'd get up to with those two.

Jenna Fischer - The Office
In the show she seems like a bit of a prude tbh - nowhere near DTF. But check that slammin' rack and corset in the real world. wooooEEE.

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